Vinegar and Honey

by Kelly Latimore

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An EP for Cassette Released on EAT TAPES RECORDS
Available here>


released March 4, 2013

Written and Recorded at the Good Earth Farm, Athens, OH
From July 2012-Jan 2013

Lovely people who helped:
Matt and Rusty at EAT TAPES
Nate Henricks- for your many Art-forms
Jason Leo- for being a generous human being
Travis, Anna, Kyle, Brittney, and Leslie for asking good questions and for lending your lovely ears for first listens.

The terrible beauty of all things





Kelly Latimore St. Louis, Missouri

Im an artist.
bingo bango

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Track Name: On Seeing a Candle at a Rave
Lights in lines form the ground
your face moving closer to the men around
smoking us out and tossing us to the wind
making darker the dark within

burn the world to make your fire
but it won't make you warm enough

I like my fun now please recognize
but I know you've been hurting and wishing you were blind
to all the shit and violence on the streets
you mother hen to children scuffed and bleeding

you burn the world to make your fire
but it still ain't getting warm enough

you burn
melt away
my candle
my rave
Track Name: Keeper of Bees
I don't want your service
I don't want those messages again
I want to be your friend

you made me shiver you made me calm
you made me young when you dawned
your swollen arms around a community
of tiny beats of pain and beauty

I'll take Queen Anne's lace
I'll take Chicory full in the face
and I'll call you all my friends

because you made me shiver you made me calm
you made me young when you dawned
your swollen arms and the honey bees
the tiny beats of pain and beauty

I will never curse you
I'll forgive every wound made by your hand
pain and beauty my friend.
Track Name: Exile/Return
The barricades rise above
the travelers impervious
a landscape grey
a landscape cut

you empty this space
to later throw it up

for here we move and always scatter
where everything is available
but nothing matters

I've got nothing left to say
its hard to move from face
to face
I will respond to this world between
the silence of you
and me


you said I can't love this land
because it is not mine but Babylon's

you said I must love these lands
though they are not mine but Babylon's

you said I can't have my name
because it is not mine but Babylon's

you said I must sing these songs
though they are not mine but Babylon's

the hell I will.
Track Name: Debris on the Scioto River
though the wire is too tight
at a conjunction and
swirled getting all tangled up in its hope

cross-stitching the days
with the sweetness of the phrases
and shapes
that we all save on the sill

These won't weigh me down

You won't weigh me down

look at those eyes you've got
while the loved and cluttered
the tossed and the guttered
float on by
Track Name: Pieta
Father asleep on the phone until dawn
mother spread eagle on some lawn

the Pieta, Pie Jesu
below pinhole lights
sparks of faint almost mute

the sons asleep in the garden
awoken by a shivering pardon

Pieta, Pie Jesu
washed in a husband's hands
then wrapped in a whispered

The Holy Ghost comes and haunts us
vinegar and honey comes and taunts us
oh Pieta, Pie Jesu

why have you forsaken us Hallelu?

Red strings hang
so soft
in the light of your window
Pieta, Pie Jesu

Oh dear dear lovely one
I don't know
if I can bear this with you
But I will try
I will lie where you wrestled through the night
with Pieta, with Pie Jesu

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