Framed Orchards

by Kelly Latimore

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released August 4, 2015

Album Art "Floating Spirits" by Elliot Davison





Kelly Latimore St. Louis, Missouri

Im an artist.
bingo bango

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Track Name: Pavement Parade
The pavement shines with aluminum
The thrush's ghosts sing in union
Broken glasses form en mass for all of us
Track Name: Framed Orchards
Mind to make the mouth be formed
Sticks pre-burned before the storm
Age to age hued words in stone
Fractured bibles lost at home

Break the dawn on every head
Now is not the time to eat your own bread
You thought everyone was wrong
A hill to die a hill to break every bone

Blinked out silence to drink it all down
The argument won't defeat it will just let us all drown
Knowledge can't make all the rounds
Punched, blood, bleeding the golden tooth is found

Framed Orchards are in the cardboard box
I may be wrong but I'm not going to watch.
Track Name: Sweetest Song I Know
Angel mouths are filled with grass and hum
The only choirs cardinal blurs on painted suns

O the sweetest song I know

Ten thousand lofty claims sit in the clouds
While our dead god's bones feed the ground

O the sweetest song I know

Laying here with our heads upon a stone
I heard you dreaming new dead hymns in minor tones

O the sweetest song I know
Track Name: A Man Confused by Sunset
O, black dress the death of youth
and a man confused by sunset

Swinging moon the path proclaimed
once never self-same on the mirror's back

You pose the questions no one will ask
In public acts of un-tied shoe

Grab the field guide for
Suburban grasses of the north
we all forgot to cut and trim

Dark sounds aside
No one left to criticize
You can look it in the eyes
And I'll dance a jig

Its one smooth stone
on an old man's desk
skip me on some future's edge
And I won't stay home

Put the fire on
Throw it to me
Floating halos in my teeth
I'll give back to you.
Track Name: Fired
Movements in a simple flame
Burn out into the river's gold
This room is no place or liars
Close and craning out their necks

Be quiet , be quiet
before you get hired.

He heard the seraph's wings
Sweeping the domes of blue
this room is no place for liars
Close and craning out their necks

Be quiet, be quiet
Before you get hired

Stay down, stay down
become all fire
Track Name: Meeting Places
I'll meet you in the garden
Between the rows
We can lay down in the shadows

Where lip and leaf are introduced
Where what we love is what we do
but for now I'll meet you where the sun goes down

I'll meet you where carrier pigeons can't take our words
where Witch hazel sounds out its birth

but for now
I'll meet you where the sun goes down.

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